“Dark” vs. Green Money

As Election Day 2019 fast approaches, it is very evident that the Democratic candidates seeking Seneca Falls Town Board positions, only have two positions. Where is the “Dark” money coming from? and the closure of Seneca Meadows Landfill. They claim that the Republican candidates are not being “transparent” about the “Dark” money.

So, they want transparency? Ask them about the Seneca Falls Environmental Action Committee’s recent survey that rated the perspective candidates based on their responses to 8 questions. All the Democrat candidates scored significantly higher than the Republican candidates, including myself. What they didn’t tell you is that most of the Democrat candidates running for office also serve on the committee. They wrote the questions and they scored their own responses as compared to the Republican responses. I challenge them to publish my responses as compared to the Democrat candidates’ responses and let’s just see how they match up! Transparency!

They call themselves an environmental action committee, but all 8 questions were directly related to Seneca Meadows. Are you telling me there are no other environmental issues in the Town of Seneca Falls? They talk about leachate from the landfill that is sent through the sewer system to be treated. If this is an environmental issue then every time, we flush our toilet, all of us are destroying the environment.

Bottom line, the leachate from the landfill is treated and cleaned before it hits the sewer line and is no more harmful than our personal sewage.

Transparency? Their environmental solution is to close the landfill, so our solid waste goes someplace else. Does this sound like someone who really cares about the environment? Shouldn’t we be looking at a solid waste plan that reduces waste through composting and recycling solutions?

I am not sure about your money, but my money is green! If you care about your “Green” money being spent on increased taxes, which will definitely happen if the Democrats are elected, please vote Republican and save more of YOUR “Green” money!

Thank you for listening.

Mike Ferrara
Town Supervisor Candidate