My Platform

  1. Restore integrity and common sense to our Town Government as I am deeply concerned about the present and future of Seneca Falls

  2. Facilitate a comprehensive 5-year plan in relationship to solid waste, working collaboratively with local business owners, community leaders and community members. Utilizing all provisions of the current Host Agreement that previous administrations have failed to do.

  3. Make decisions based on what is best for ALL residents of Seneca Falls

  4. Promote economic development by working with existing businesses, the Seneca Falls Business Association and the Seneca Falls Economic Development Committee. We need to stop putting up roadbloacks to development and focus on job growth and utilizing all our resources such as water and sewer.

  5. Develop a 3 to 5-year revenue plan with input from our community, based on projected revenue and increased expenses. We need to reduce expenses without jeopardizing critical services. Financial planning and oversight for all reserve fund accounts. I have over 20 years experience with the development and facilitation of a multi-million-dollar budget.

  6. Reduce expenses without jeopardizing critical services. Public safety is a major priority.

  7. Lower taxes working in collaboration with my fellow citizens.