Announcements from Mike Ferrara regarding the MOU with Seneca Meadows and ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040

Dear Friends,

I am proud to announce that at the regular board meeting held on Tuesday, October 3rd, the Seneca Falls Town Board APPROVED the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Seneca Meadows Industries (SMI) with a majority vote.

The MOU only means that the Town and SMI have come to an understanding for the terms of a new Host Community Agreement (HCA), if and only if, the Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) grants the landfill a permit to expand after 2025.

The new HCA will provide the Town of Seneca Falls an influx of $174 million dollars over the next 15 years! This revenue may be utilized to keep lowering taxes, to fix aging infrastructure, and to enhance our community through an array of projects and initiatives that align with the newly adopted comprehensive plan.

In addition, ‘ADVANCE Seneca Falls 2040’ comprehensive plan was officially adopted on Tuesday. Last Fall, a majority of the board members voted for an updated policy document that would embody the communities vision of a vibrant and thriving Seneca Falls. The new plan will be a ‘guiding light’ for future Town Boards as they steward future planning of your community.

It was created by members of the community on the premise of ‘Your Town. Your Vision.’ The planning process took place over the course of nearly one year, having invoked an Advisory Committee that selected 20 members of the community to participate on the Steering Committee, with more than 60 additional community member seated sub-committees, paired with further input from the community via a Public Visioning Session – a future for your community is within reach.

The development of this new plan had been ignored by previous Boards for over 15 years. With a handful of Town grants and projects in the pipeline, and new updates incorporated into our zoning code, it was imperative that this Board take action and align these components for continued success and positive change as we ADVANCE Seneca Falls forward. Together.

Thank you for your continued support!