A Letter to Seneca Falls voters Ahead of Tuesday’s Election

Dear Seneca Fallsians,

You, the voters, have less than 1 week to make a very important decision on the future of Seneca Falls as Election Day 2023 is fast approaching! I believe VOTERS DESERVE TO KNOW THEIR CANDIDATES!

As Seneca Falls Town Supervisor, I have a record of HARD WORK and RESULTS.

Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN. NO EXPERIENCE.


Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN:
On June 17, Mr. Schmitter said in an interview, “I will defer to the DEC as to their decision.”

Town Supervisor Ferrara DID THIS:
The Town was in an advantageous position to negotiate in advance of the DEC’s decision on the Valley Infill permit. We negotiated a new HCA that protects YOU when the 2007 HCA expires. I was not in-office when the existing HCA was put in place.


Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN:
“Lower taxes by cutting wasteful spending.”

Town Supervisor Ferrara DID THIS:
During my tenure, Town taxes have remained flat for the past two years. In 2024, a proposed 15% reduction in property taxes is in the Town Budget and we have been diligent in streamlining processes and services at Town Hall to better serve YOU.


Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN :
“…apply for grants…make Seneca Falls a place where people want to live, raise a family and open businesses.”

Town Supervisor Ferrara DID THIS:
As Town Supervisor, I have secured more than $14 Million in State, and Federal grants, and 0% interest bonds in various efforts to stabilize and improve our public works, to further our investments in housing and in our local economy through: NYS Downtown Revitalization Initiative (DRI), NYS Microenterprise Assistance Program (MAP), Local Waterfront Revitalization Program (LWRP), NYS Green Innovation Grant Program (GIGP), Water Infrastructure Improvement (WIIA), NYSERDA Clean Energy Communities (CEC), Municipal Green Energy
Benchmarking, Municipal Zero-Emission Vehicle (ZEV) Infrastructure Grant Program, NYS EFC Clean Water State Revolving Fund (CWSRF), Drinking Water State Revolving Fund (DWSRF), Seneca County Creating Healthy Schools and Communities Grants & more FOR YOU.


Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN:
“Water and sewer, drainage, and housing..”

Town Supervisor Ferrara DID THIS:
I have executed the sale of several Town-owned properties, and we have been actively engaged in creating solutions to the county-wide housing deficit in open discussions with multi-partner collaborations to facilitate the new Bailey Park housing development. We will continue to reimagine existing structures for future housing as well as consider new developments to create a vibrant & thriving Seneca Falls that is inline with our newly adopted Comprehensive Plan- reinforcing the hometown vibe of our historic Town that welcomes all people.


Frank Schmitter has NO PLAN:
“We need to work with the Cayuga Nation….I believe we saw their willingness to help by the work they voluntarily did on the Ludovico Sculpture trail.”

Town Supervisor Ferrara DID THIS:
I have met on numerous times with representatives of the Cayuga Nation including Mr. Halftown. I am the only Town Supervisor to recognize the presence of the Cayuga Nation and the only Town Supervisor to recognize Mr. Halftown as the leader of the Nation. I have spent the last four years working on building relationships, understanding, respect, and trust with the Cayuga Nation and will continue to build upon those relationships. This relationship helped to facilitate the work on the Ludovico Trail & future projects are under discussion.

I would like to thank Mr. Schmitter for his endorsement of my accomplishments as Seneca Falls Town Supervisor!

Don‘t let political mailers MISLEAD you!

Experienced Leadership Matters.

I would appreciate your vote on Tuesday which will allow me to continue to work together to advance Seneca Falls.

Michael J. Ferrara
Seneca Falls Town Supervisor

Re-Elect Mike Ferrara